Baked fresh for you

Our Bakery.
We bake & prepare daily an extensive range of bakery products on site. Our bakery is also able to help with all of your party or special occasion needs whether large or small. Please feel free to talk with one of our lovely bakery staff to place an order.

From fresh breads and rolls to pizzas and cupcakes our staff start early so you can call in on your way to work or school and have something fresh to choose from.

Our staff love being creative so make sure you keep an eye out for special times during the year when they enjoy showing off their skills – think Australia Day, Easter, Valentine’s Day and Christmas!

Our bakery range includes:
Artisan Breads and Rolls – fresh loaves, buns, scrolls, pizzas, cheese & bacon rolls and croissants.

Cakes & Muffins – a large selection of all your favourites including our famous cupcakes!

Donuts – who doesn’t love a fresh donut with cinnamon!

Biscuits – whether it be for morning or afternoon tea or to pop into the kids lunch boxes you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

Custard Tarts & Desserts – a helping hand to make life a bit easier, save time with our dessert selection.

Our Catalogue

View our latest catalogue online here.

Artisan Breads & Rolls

A delicious selection of breads and rolls perfect for any occasion from breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Cakes, Biscuits

Baked fresh or made to order for a special occasion. Our staff work hard so you don’t have to.


Not everyone has a sweet tooth so we’ve got you covered with scrolls, pizzas, cheese & bacon rolls and much more!